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Get Started With Synexsis

There is no need to learn a new proprietary language to build with Synexsis.  Below you’ll find quick code shortcuts and tutorials that will get you up and running faster than any other system.

Installing Visual Studio 2019

To get started with Enkadia Synexsis, download the Visual Studio Community edition.

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Rapid Start User Interface

Get a jump on Synexsis by designing a simple user interface for an Extron video switcher.

Skills learned include grid layout, adding buttons and text blocks.

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Rapid Start Code

Continue your rapid journey through Synexsis by connecting the buttons you created in your first lesson. 

Skills learned include adding click events, installing a NuGet package, a quick code shortcut  and creating an appsettings file.

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Rapid Start Repository

Download the complete Visual Studio solution for the Rapid Start project.

Unzip the folder to your drive and click on the QuickStartSwitcher.sln to open in Visual Studio so you can study the project.

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Getting Started with XAML and UWP

This first lesson will help you build the main page with a navigation pane on the left.

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XAML Styles and Resource Dictionaries

Like good web site architecture, XAML separates design from programming. An important XAML skill to learn is creating UI styles. Like CSS for websites, XAML styles change the UI look and feel quickly.

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Building a local Synexsis network

You’ll find building a local network for Synexsis helpful for development and testing. This tutorial will show you how.

Skills learned include getting network adapter properties and setting a static IP address.

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