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Driving Synexsis Using the Appsettings File

If you’ve read any of our other blog posts, you’ll notice the appsettings file is frequently mentioned. This json file contains the names of your devices, addressing and connection information. 

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Enkadia Synexecutable – Console Switcher

This week we introduce Synexecutables in honor of all those who love to run applets, shells and consoles. 

Synexecutables provide A/V control from console or command line applications.

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TV and Display Week at Enkadia

This week we’re demonstrating how to mix a Synexsis component to control displays from two different manufacturer-  Sharp and Samsung.

Take a look and see how Enkadia frees you from the…

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Camera Week at Enkadia

This week we’re working on improving our Vaddio camera control module and finishing up a Visca module. Compare your A/V system camera control code to Enkadia Synexsis. 

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How Synexsis Accelerates Your A/V Control System Development

We’ve worked hard to relieve you of writing the back-end code of A/V system control to complete projects quickly and to send them out the door faster.   Because Synexsis boots your development speed you are able to bill more projects every month.

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