AV Integration Software that Actually Makes Sense

ENKADIA Synexsis

Enkadia’s newest product, Synexsis, is a toolset to help system integrators and programmers build flexible control systems to manage all of their connected devices. By using Microsoft Visual Studio, Synexsis offers system integrators a programming platform that is both fast and easy to use.

Plays Well With Others

Synexsis gives you the flexibility to build your own control device to connect to the hardware you already have in a language you can understand. It also gives you the ability to integrate your devices with other systems, including Amazon Alexa for voice-assisted room control.

Cut and Paste Code

There is no need to learn a new, proprietary language to build with Synexsis. The Synexsis team provides quick code shortcuts and tips that can get you up and running faster than any other system.

Sweet and Simple

Why make AV Integration more complicated than it needs to be? Synexsis is powerful and sophisticated – yet refreshingly simple and easy to use.


Synexsis offers two affordable plans – monthly and yearly. Lower software costs keep more money in your pocket. Reselling Synexsis? Your clients will love us. You’ll increase profit margins and they still pay a great price. 

How Does Synexsis Work?

  • Purchase a license key and download Synexsis to your control device
  • Open Enkadia Synexsis using Visual Studio. Using Enkadia Synexsis components, you can build the interface for your control device and create the connections to the devices you would like to control.
  • Choose from our library of components, available at no charge, to connect all of your devices. Synexsis can integrate with any hardware you already have. There is no need to purchase new, expensive equipment!

Technology Should NOT Hold You Back

Reduce complex programming tasks by simplifying the process with Synexsis.

Works faster by programming in the coding language you prefer.

Lower the cost of installation with our affordable pricing options.

Work together with your IT and AV Support staff

Synexsis allows you to take control of an incredible number of IP addressable devices and operate the entire system easily.

Ready to Start Building with Synexsis?

Click here to purchase a license and download the latest version of Enkadia Synexsis!

Affordable Pricing Options for the Whole Team


$19.99 USD / MONTH

Per User Price

1 Developer

All Devices Used By a Single Developer

Unlimited Use & Royalty Free

Access to All Current and Future Components

Email Support and Maintenance

Purchase Now


$220 USD / YEAR

Per User Price

1 Developer

All Devices Used By a Single Developer

Unlimited Use & Royalty Free

Access to All Current and Future Components

+ Email and Telephone Support and Maintenance

+ Savings Over Monthly Subscription

Purchase Now

Synexsis can connect with the hardware you already have!  No need to buy new, expensive hardware.

Try Synexsis for FREE for 30 Days

We know it can be scary to try something new. But, we are SO confident you’ll love Synexsis that we are offering a 30-day free trial version.  For 30 days you’ll have access to all of the smart features of Synexsis. Use it to do your job more efficiently and we guarantee you’ll fall in love.

  • Work through our free tutorials to learn the (very simple!) programming you’ll need to make Enkadia Synexsis work. We recommend starting the pair of Rapid Start lessons.
  • Use the free Community Edition of Microsoft Visual Studio to design and program your custom control panels
  • Build your application, add the Synexsis components at the back end, then hook up your devices to the network and go!

Have Questions? Contact Us to Learn More about Enkadia Synexsis!